A sunny day down at the Wharf

Had lunch with Mom today, it was sunny out and we drove down to Steveston, walked around, and had lunch at the Charthouse.

Whether you like their food or not, no other restaurant has a better view of Steveston’s little Fisherman’s Wharf than the Charthouse, especially on a beautiful September day like this:

Charthouse view

 There are plenty of window seats, so don’t let them seat you elsewhere. The food was pretty good, and the service was excellent – our waitress was a lady with golden blond hair who was genuinely attentive and very smiley. She is probably the epitome of the perfect waitress. Anyway, Mother really enjoyed the chicken salad croissant sandwich from their special lunch menu. The croissant was pretty big; I don’t think she finished the whole thing:

Chicken Salad Croissant

I had the crab louis (which mom also really liked):

Crab Louis

A refreshing salad, with a lot of fresh – not canned – crab. A variety of veggies and half an egg.  (Why half? I don’t know.) I love asparagus and I only wish there was more – asparagus has been expensive lately so I haven’t been buying any, and I’ve been really craving it.

The bill came out to be under 40bucks (including a generous tip) which isn’t bad. One thing to note is, unlike most restaurants, pop at the Charthouse is not bottomless. I don’t know if this is important to a lot of people, but even if I don’t typically down several glasses of pop, bottomless is something I’ve come to expect when eating out, considering most places charge so much for a glass of pop.


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