Solace at Tim’s.

Muffin and a tea

W and I stopped by Tim Horton’s in the middle of some hardcore shopping. Us Canadians, we love our Tim Horton’s. From a jelly-filled Timbit to a heart-warming bowl of chili, from a double-double to a heart-attacking iced capp, Tim Horton’s is near and dear to our, well, hearts. (And no Canadian Spring is complete without all that rim-rrrrrolling.) Sure, maybe some of us prefer plasticky looking Krispy Kreme donuts, or over-roasted Starbucks coffee, but that warm homeliness at Tim’s always wins us back. (True, if I wanted a really good bagel, I’d get something artisan from a private bakery. But in terms of food chains, I personally think most of Tim’s stuff is better. Maybe everything except the sandwiches.)

I’ve always found the activity at Tim’s to be one of disorganized confusion. The lines are long, and for some reason I am always served by flustered trainees who require the repeating of my order several times. Somehow I also often manage to end up with a plate of something other than what I asked for, making me wish they would just come up with … some numbering system. Still, I prefer this flurry of activity, and sitting down at Tim’s I am comfy. It’s not impersonal like Starbucks, or pretentious-classy like Bread Garden, or oily and kiddie-ridden like McDonald’s. It’s just right. Even if I always feel like I’m getting poked by duster mops.

 And with great company, what is better than a muffin, tea and coffee…in the sun?

blueberry muffin in the sun


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