Red meat? It’s gotta be juicey, gamey lamb!

I don’t eat red meat often, maybe once a month. For health reasons, and also because a giant slab of meat just doesn’t excite my palate. That being said, however, lamb is definitely my red meat of choice, and my preference for it far exceeds that of pork or beef. I love that gamey taste and smell that somehow stays in my head for days after eating lamb.

The most savoury and varied lamb dishes (of various incarnations such as stews, roasts, etc) are served at authentic Greek restaurants, who really know how to do their lamb. But over at Winsor Palace (8328 Capstan Way, Richmond), they can whip up some pretty good lamb for your typical HK-style cafe. When I go, I often order this one – the grilled rack of lamb with red wine and mint sauce, done medium-rare. 

Red wind and mint Chops

Winsor Palace does have a good menu selection for their price and quality range (but if you are looking for that slightly cheaper A+B+C+D+E+F+G…Z giant platter combos for 7 bucks HK-style fare, and don’t care much about more personable service, go dine somewhere like E-Canteen on Westminster Hwy). Dinnermates have had decent impressions of the spaghetti and meatballs, Hainan chicken with rice noodles, various Asian fried rice dishes, and the lobster tail. Me, I always go back for the lamb. Hmm!


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