The art of salad rolls.

I love anything that comes rolled up in some kind of wrap. Salad rolls are one of my favorites. So refreshing and tasty with peanut sauce dip. I always have some rice paper lying around at home; salad rolls and variations thereof are pretty simple to make. Still, I cannot resist ordering these things whenever I come across them, but I get a little annoyed if the rolls look like something I whipped up at home in a hurry. Here is a small sampling of the rolls around town.  At somewhat similar prices, Green Lemongrass serves up a pretty yummy roll.

A salad roll at Thai House, downtown Vancouver:
Thai House Salad Roll
Presentation: 0.5/5 (I’ll give it half a mark for that ‘attempt’ with the orange slice. But that might even be too much.)
Taste: 0.5/5 (I mean, just what kind of sauce is that. It was just hoisin straight out of the bottle without anything added. What kind of salad roll does not come with a sauce containing peanuts?!)

A salad roll at Green Lemongrass, Richmond:
Lemongrass Salad Roll
Presentation: 4.5/5
Taste: 4.5/5

A salad roll at Fraser Valley Salad Bar, Granville Island, Vancouver:Salad Roll
Presentation: 2.5/5 (the utensils are forgivable since it’s food court food and not a restaurant, but the rolling technique, the quintessential rolling technique!)
Taste: 3.5/5

I am surprised that Thai House made it into one of the best restaurants in Vancouver in a recent issue of I found the food there to be completely lack-lustre, especially at the downtown location. In Richmond, competition in the restaurant business has always been pretty fierce. That’s why Richmonders have such picky palates. That’s why you don’t serve ugly looking salad rolls in Richmond and hope to get customers back.


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  1. […] like I have mentioned previously, their salad rolls are also a favorite of mine. Lots of choices on the menu too – good Pho and dry […]

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